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Who Am I as a Writer Essay?

I am someone who loves to write and has a great passion for it. I have always been fond of reading since childhood and that helped me develop the infatuation for writing. Moreover, I followed the writing for some great writers and that also strengthened my writing skills. I like to think creatively and can write on various topics as an essay writer. I also avoid plagiarism and don’t like to copy other’s content. I like to write original, genuine and unique essays with clarity.

 My English language skills are tremendous as well because I have thoroughly learned the grammar. While writing essays, I keep in mind all the aspects for writhing such as introduction, body, conclusion, etc. Moreover, before writing an essay, I like to prepare a draft first. Also, I believe in the research work as it is one of the most important components of writing. No matter how good the essay writer is, he can’t deliver a good essay without any kind of research. I research thoroughly about the topic and create references from it before writing the draft.

 In addition, I strictly follow and obey the instructions and guidelines provided by the teachers. As an essay writer, it’s always a good idea to properly pursue the guidelines to produce an excellent essay and avoiding any alterations. As an essay writer, I make sure that I always use unique and original ideas in the essay and strictly avoid plagiarism. I also have brilliant essay editing and proofreading skills as these are also important components in essay writing. Therefore, I can also edit my essay and proofread it to perfection.