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Learn What is Plagiarism and its Types

Plagiarism is an act of imitating or copying the content (usually written) of another writer without permission and presenting it as one's own.

What is Direct Copying?

It is the action of copying other author’s work without any kind of acknowledgment and proper references. The direct copying is considered as the intentional or deliberate use of the work of others.

What is Accidental Copying?

The accidental copying occurs when an individual unintentionally rephrases a source by using similar words and sentence structure without acknowledgment.

What is Self Plagiarism?

This plagiarism happens when students join parts of their previous works without authorization from the teachers involved with the subject.

What is Mosaic Plagiarism?

This type of plagiarism occurs when someone uses phrases from a source without using quotation marks while retaining the same structure.

How to Check Plagiarism

There are many software and online portals where students can check their academic reports for plagiarism. Generally, professional writing companies use sophisticated plagiarism software to check it.